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  • Slick Bands Tofflemire-Style
  • Sold By: DC Dental
  • Ships from: Maryland

Slick Bands Tofflemire-Style

Various sizes

Our Price : $49.00 - $74.00  $58.00 - $87.00

SlickBands™ non-stick matrices are the first Tofflemire-style bands to virtually eliminate the problem of difficult to remove matrix bands.  A micro-thin coating bonded to either dead-soft or regular stainless steel reduces bonding agent adhesion by a whopping 92%!

 The Right-Curve™ matrix band creates a significantly increased funnel-shaped cone when wrapped around a tooth providing a lower contact point and improved isolation:


Funnel shape reaches over to the adjacent tooth more easily and creates a tighter gingival seal

  • Creates broader, deeper contacts
  • Extremely wide preps are simplified
  • Improved visibility for core buildups

The Margin Elevation matrix will give you the best gingival adaptation and contour for the deep margin areas:

  • Matrix is trimmed in height to allow for improved adaptation to deep margin areas
  • Deep margin elevation technique is a useful non-surgical approach to treating deep localized margins

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Item # Type Color Count Price Quantity
199-SMT200D10 #1 Universal Dead Soft Green 100/ pk $65.54
199-SMT200H10 #1 Universal Regular Gray 100/ pk $57.77
199-SMT400D10 Right Curve Dead Soft Green 100/ pk $81.10
199-SMT400H10 Right Curve Regular Gray 100/ pk $77.77
199-SMT050D10 #13 Pedodontic Dead Soft Green 100/ pk $65.54
199-SMT050H10 #13 Pedodontic Regular Gray 100/ pk $57.77
199-SMT300D10 #2 Sub-Gingival Dead Soft Green 100/ pk $65.54
199-SMT300H10 #2 Sub-Gingival Regular Gray 100/ pk $57.77
199-SMT500H10 Margin Elevation Blue 100/ pk $86.66

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  • Shortages or errors in shipments must be reported within 48 hours of receipt
  • Bulk items may be subject to a 25% restocking fee.
The following special, customized, or government-regulated items are not returnable:

  • Opened handpieces, small equipment, and custom-ordered equipment Special order items (products that  we do not ordinarily stock) Personalized and imprinted items
  • Opened computer hardware and software
  • Rx Drugs
  • Controlled substances
  • Hazardous materials
  • Expired or short dated products
  • Items that cannot be returned to the manufacturer
  • Any items marked “Special Order”
  • Local anesthetics

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